Motorcycle hire in Tenerife Playa de Las Americas

If you are thinking or seriously considering a motorcycle hire in Tenerife, Playa de Las Americas is the one of those best resorts to stay and get your bike. The location by itself can offer you hundreds of hotels and private apartments to rent and Playa de Las Americas is famous as the main travel and holiday destination for young people in Tenerife and Canary Islands in general. A part of Las Americas called Las Veronicas is the centre on nightlife of the island where you will find discotecas, night clubs, etc that are open till the morning. So it’s a kind of magnet for young travellers.

If you young traveller, and not just by age, but in your mind, you ought to consider a motorcycle rental in Tenerife - Playa de Las Americas will be your perfect place to stay. You may think the car is better if you are older, but there are a lot of reasons why a moped hire Playa de Las Americas offers will be much better option, especially if you are young and full of life traveller:

  1. It’s much more fun to drive a motorbike than a boring car, especially taking under account there’s always a warm or hot weather in Playa de Las Americas.
  2. You would not have a hard task to park your moto - this is big advantage, because it’s not so easy to find a free parking space, it takes a time for a car.
  3. You can drive your rented bike through the narrow passages and streets where a car cannot enter.
  4. You can get directly to the beaches and there are a lot of beautiful beaches in Playa de Las Americas.
  5. You are faster through the slow traffic and can safely surpass cars in traffic jams, especially morning and evening hours.
  6. In other words, rent a motorbike in Tenerife, Las Americas and have a fun and much better mobility without wasting time.
  7. The last but not the least, - if about motorcycle or a scooter hire in Las Americas, Tenerife, it is cheaper than a car and not just hiring cheaper, but also fuel cost is much lower.

Even you haven’t A-category allowing you driving big motorbikes, you still can run a 125 cc moto scooter in Playa de Las Americas. Requirements to so are following:

  • You have your car driving license along the last 3 years.
  • You have completed 21 or 22 years old (depend on the model you want to hire).
  • You have some experience in driving a motorbike and not going to do it for the first time.

If you are okay with these conditions a scooter rental in Playa de Las Americas is eligible for you.

If about 125 cc scooter rental in Tenerife, Playa de Las Americas, we can recommended you the following models as the best, fresh and modern mopeds:

  • Honda PCX 125 cc - for those who’d like to to have a sporty looking and faster scooter.
  • Honda SH Mode 125 cc - for the Customers who appreciate a maximal level of comfort.

How to rent a motorbike in Playa de Las Americas?

A motorcycle hire in Playa de Las Americas must be planned and booked in advance. If you start to looks to hire a moto already after arriving to your hotel, there are not so many chances to get something good from the street sellers. In the most of cases you will find everything is already rented out or you’ll be offered an old Chinese or French motorbike, what means a poor quality and probably technical problems. To avoid all that situations, forget about “I need it for today or tomorrow!" Much more clever and efficient way to do is to book your motorbike as long as possible in advance. We recommend to book 3-4 weeks in advance. That’s the way to get a fresh, clean scooter or motorcycle in an excellent technical condition reserved and waiting for you in Tenerife.

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How and where do you get a rent scooter in Tenerife, Las Americas

Once you’ve booked online your scooter hire - Playa de Las Americas is waiting for you to explore. Come from the airport to Playa de Las Americas taking a taxi, hotel shuttle bus or a public bus, check in in your hotel or apartment and simply come to our garage nearby, in Costa Adeje. Here you will fill up the rental contract, receive your motorbike, helmet, and will have advise from our team member where to ride to discover the island in the rental period. We recommend scooter hire in Playa de las Americas at least for 3 days, or 7 days if you are really interested to explore Tenerife actively.

Advantages to rent a scooter in Playa de Las Americas with us:

Believe, there’s no more sure and better place in Tenerife to get a scooter hire in Playa de Las Americas. ‘Motorbike Tenerife Rental’ offers you:

  • Unlimited kilometres.
  • Fresh, clean, and even brand new motorbikes.
  • Up to 2 helmets and lock free-of-charge.
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