BMW motorcycle hire in Tenerife

Obviously yes, we do offer BMW motorbike rental, Tenerife has excellent roads to enjoy a smooth ride and have an excellent bike experience with BMW. BMW motorcycles are ones of the best ones, so you can easily choose the model you’d like to rent and book it.

At the same time here we have to declare the important thing - we do not have BMW motorbikes you can drive just with a car driving license! You should have A-category allowing motorcyclists to drive motos with a strong motors.

Available BMW motorcycle rental - Tenerife

At the moment you can rent BMW motorcycle, Tenerife motorbike rental offers you following models

  • Models offered for BMW motorcycle hire in Tenerife:
  • BMW 310G R
  • BMW F800R
  • BMW F650 GS
  • BMW F 700 GS

Let’s take closer look to the BMW motorcycles you are able to rent in Tenerife with us:

BMW 310G R

If you rent BMW motorcycle in Tenerife the BMW 310G R could be your choice to start your day on the island with a smile and joy.

Each you rental day gives you an occasion to discover different parts of the island riding BMW G 310 R. This sporty motorbike provides you with a natural and smooth drive because of its advanced motor (Ride by Wire and slipper clutch). No matter, are you riding trough mountains, windy roads, highways or coastal beach areas of Tenerife, you will fully enjoy your smoothly and effortless going BMW 310G R moto!

Pros of the BMW G310 R - this lightweight and flexible offering different driving styles with its single-cylinder, 313 cc four-stroke motor.


If you are looking to rent a stronger motorcycle in Tenerife, you may consider this naked BMW motorbike of the producer’s mid range. BMW F800R maybe is not the best looking of BMW motorcycles, but it is really good equipped naked mid-size motorcycle and it is perfect to explore the island.

It is one of the best bikes to make a day tours escaping from the tourist areas to remote parts of Tenerife, wild remotely located beaches. All in all, the BMW F800R is a perfect day tourer worth to rent it.


Consider renting BMW motorcycle in Tenerife, our BMW F650 GS is a beautiful moto for more experienced motorcyclists offering more than enough power on the mountainous roads of Tenerife. Even the F650 GS looks suitable for a light off-road driving, but is is just look and it’s important to remember you cannot drive off-road in Tenerife unless you use a special circuits or possessing a special license issued by local government.

BMW F 700 GS

Consider hiring BMW F 700 GS in Tenerife, if you look for a light and smoothly driving adventure motorbike. This model is the most valuable in its class, equipped with ABS and incredible frame that lets you take sharp curves of island’s roads fast and safely.

Are you decided to book your BMW moto in Tenerife? Go forward right now and book in advance, do not postpone your decision for the last moment because there are as you see just a few models available and they are obviously preferred by the BMW lovers. If you book at the last moment there are good chances you will miss it and will have to choose another moto of another producer, even belonging to the same class.

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If you rent your BMW bike with us, you are making the best decision because we have all obligatory insurances included to the rental prices (and you can even extend to the full coverage insurance for a small additional payment). You will also receive your size helmet or two if you plan to drive with a companion. For a minore extra money you can also have a protective jacket, both top and side baggage boxes or bags, mobile phone holder to use Google Maps or another type of navigation (very depend on the model) and a few other extra things.

Here at Motorbike Tenerife Rental we fully understand why do you prefer to rent BMW motorcycle in Tenerife and we are here to help you explore the island having joy and fun.

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