Scooter hire in Tenerife airport

The simple answer in no - Tenerife airport motorcycle rental is not available with us and there are a few reasons why:

  1. Our garages located in Costa Adeje - that’s about 20 minutes drive from Tenerife South Airport (TFS).
  2. In 99% of cases you cannot bring all your travel luggage with a rental motorbike or scooter.
  3. It cost more to deliver motorbike or scooter to the airport than take a cab or public bus from Tenerife South Airport.
  4. The same on the way back at the end of your holiday, scooter hire in Tenerife airport wouldn’t be the best solution, because anyway you in the most of cases you have to take your travel bags with you.

Let’s think logically - most of people are traveling with travel luggage. Sometimes it’s just one bag and sometimes 2 or more and obviously, you are not able to take these bags even there’s a motorcycle rental Tenerife airport would offer.

As it is mentioned above, Motorbike Tenerife Rental has its motorcycle garages in a perfect location for the most of travellers - in Costa Adeje area. That’s the right place to contract your motorcycle hire, Tenerife airport is a wrong place! We are with a walking distance from the most of hotels, or just a few minutes drive from the popular resorts like Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas, etc.

And instead of looking for a scooter rental in Tenerife airport you better book your motorbike and receive it on the next day after your arrival to Tenerife, directly from one of our garages in Costa Adeje. This will give you time to refresh and relax after a long flight. Usually you are arriving to Tenerife airport on the second part of the day, it also takes time to get to your hotel, get your accommodation, etc. So there’s absolutely no reason to rent your moped for just a few hours that left and pay for the day. Much better to relax, sleep a night and start your motorbike rental the next day.

Many customers think about scooter hire, Tenerife airport could be a good solution to save money on a taxi or bus, but all in all they are mostly even not thinking how to take their luggage. By the way the taxi cost from Tenerife South airport to a hotel in Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas or Costa Adeje is just about 25 to 30 Euros, and the bus cost is about just 3-4 Euros.

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There are two airports in Tenerife, the big international TFS (Tenerife South) airport and smaller TFN (Tenerife North) airport.

The things that’s good to know is there’s quite a long way from the North Tenerife airport to the south, where the best climate and the best hotels. And that’s the reason why we do not deliver motorbikes and scooters to the North Tenerife airport, motorcycle rental would be much easier for you on the Southern part of the island. Imagine we have to deliver a scooter or motorbike from our garage in Costa Adeje to Tenerife North airport and what costs it would generate… It will engage a driver to drive the motorbike almost 100 km, fuel, then another driver with a car to pickup the first driver and go back to the South and then the same operation on the motorbike return. So, it will be definitely cheaper for you to take a taxi from TFN airport to the South that will cost approximately 100 Euros or a bus that will cost about 12 Euros.

Summarising the subject:

  • Do not plan motorbike hire in Tenerife airport.
  • Rent a scooter or motorcycle not on the arrival day, but start your rental on the next day (so you wouldn’t pay for the day you wouldn’t practically use the bike).
  • Pickup your booked motorbike in the garage appointed in the Voucher you will get after making your booking.
  • Go on and explore Tenerife on motorbike.
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