Los Cristianos Tenerife motorbike hire

Los Cristianos located in the Arona municipality belongs to the huge resort area called commonly as Tenerife South which consist of few towns split together along the Southern coast of Tenerife. And a moped hire in Los Cristianos, Tenerife is one of the best ways to discover not just the town and Arona municipality, but also the whole island of Tenerife.

Before the 1960th whole the coast around Los Cristianos was a kind of tested are because of luck of water and infrastructure, but in 1960th a few Swedish families bought land by the beach of Los Cristianos and constructed a few small hotels and apartments. It was very successful investment, fully booked all the year long, so later all the ‘monsters’ as we call these big Spanish and International corporations started to invest heavily in Los Cristianos. So, all it started here and later expanded to Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje and La Caleta. That’s, in fact, one big holiday city where approximately 250 000 visitors staying for a week or two continuously rotating.

We can tell you are doing right decision deciding to stay and book your motorbike hire in Los Cristianos. Even at the moment we don’t have a garage exactly in the town, but as you already understood Los Cristianos is very close to Costa Adeje and that’s the place where we have our motorcycles to rent. So come to Los Cristianos, check in to your hotel or apartment and simply head to our garage at the time specified in your booking to receive your pre-booked scooter or motorcycle. And then you are free to explore whole the South as well as the North of Tenerife. You shouldn’t worry, our garages are in 7-10 minutes ride by cab from Los Cristianos and taxis in the Arona are quite cheap.

Staying in Los Cristianos you have guaranteed a perfect weather all year long, but you will need a transportation, because of the hills and rental motorbike will ease you moving in the area a hundred times. No matter are you going to the beach or moving forward for an adventure to explore the most scenic sites of Tenerife. Hire a motorbike with us and the transportation problem is solved! Moreover, because the traffic in Tenerife South is quite dense and find a parking spot for a car is often a miracle, you will easily squeeze through the dense traffic and you will park a motorbike without any problems. That’s another advantage to hire a motorbike in Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

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There are a few basic things you ought to know before renting a motorbike if you’re planning to spend your holiday in Los Cristianos:

  • Los Cristianos is a centrally located town in Tenerife South and a perfect base if you want to ride to the different parts of the island. It’s well connected with the North with the TF-1 highway and it takes just an hour to get to the capital area.
  • Moped hire in Los Cristianos, Tenerife is a perfect way to solve any transportation and mobility problems, you wouldn’t depend on public buses, taxis, get faster through the slow traffic and park the motorbike easily.
  • That’s enough to posses last three years a usual car driving license to rent a moped in Los Cristianos. But at the same time you must be from Europe (that doesn’t mean from EU, just from any European country, so UK is counted as well).
  • If you are from a country outside of Europe, and want to manage motorbike hire in Los Cristianos - Tenerife, then you must show your International driving license.
  • It shouldn’t be your first time driving a scooter or motorcycle, nobody like their motos to be damaged or destroyed by newbies. That’s also why a minimal age 21-22 years apply, actually this is official limitation imposed by Spanish authorities.

Especially in the summer there’s another reason to rent a motorbike - Los Cristianos is one of the warmest places in Tenerife, so feel the wind and freedom instead of sweating in a car and desperately searching for a place to park!

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