BMW R1200R

Class Class Naked, Sportbike, Adventure, Sport Touring.
Engine Engine 1170cc, 92 KW.
Transmission Transmission Manual Transmission.
Diving license Diving license A.
Minimal driver’s age Minimal driver’s age 22 years.
Security Deposit: €1000
Security deposit must be left in cash on the motorbike receiving.
Price for 1+ day:
Price for 3+ days:
Price for 7+ days:
Price for 10+ days:
Price for 14+ days:
Price for 30+ days:
Price for 60+ days:
Unlimited Mileage.
Free cancellation.

About BMW R1200R

The BMW R1200R is a versatile and powerful motorcycle, well-suited for renting and exploring Tenerife. With a robust 1,170cc boxer engine, it offers ample torque for conquering Tenerife's diverse terrains, from winding mountain roads to scenic coastal routes. Its comfortable seating and advanced suspension ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride, making long journeys across the island a breeze. The R1200R's upright riding position provides excellent visibility, ideal for taking in Tenerife's breathtaking vistas. Its premium features, including advanced electronics and superior build quality, add to the overall riding experience. This BMW model's combination of performance, comfort, and reliability makes it a perfect choice for those seeking to fully immerse themselves in Tenerife's natural beauty and thrilling roads.

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