Moto 125 cc in Tenerife

There are a few reasons why we don’t offer motos with smaller motors:

  1. A scooter 125 in Tenerife is a fully capable motorbike that can easily and safely take you to any part of the island.
  2. Tenerife is full of mountains, what is not suitable for 50cc scooters.
  3. A moto 125 cc is more comfortable.
  4. You still can use your car driving licence to rent a moto 125, Tenerife has the same regulations as all the Canary Islands and Spain.

So let us explain you in details why is it so.

First of all, if you are looking to rent a smaller engine scooter, you probably think it would be cheaper and you can go with it everywhere in Tenerife. And that is not so! Wrong thinking. Why?

  • Alternative for a 125 scooter in Tenerife is a 50 cc scooter, but:
  • There’s no difference in rental price - rental prices are more or less the same.

With a 50 cc scooter you can drive only by the coastal areas of the island, so you will miss 90% of the island. Later we will explain why.

Second, you cannot drive a 50 cc scooter in the most of territory of the island. It because Tenerife mainly consist of very steep mountains, this is volcanic island at the end. The thing is there’s practically a guarantee, you will destroy a 50 cc motor if you will go to the mountains. Especially if you take a passenger with you. Those small motors are not built to come through so mountainous roads like Tenerife has, these scooters are too weak and easy to burn the motor if the weight and constant ascent is overwhelming the motor capability.

Believe us, we have an experience in that matter. In the past we were renting out 50 cc scooters and customers were killing them very quickly. Even customers were told to not leave a flat coastal area, they were ignoring that advice and it often ended with a customer’s call from somewhere on the midway to Teide reporting motor damage. After a few significant loses we’ve decided to sell these 50 cc scooters and to not offer them.

Therefore the smallest engine you can have is a much stronger as we call it moto 125, Tenerife is fully accessible with a 125 cc scooter at all its parts.

Third, with a moto 125 Tenerife will be explored by you in a comfortable manner, without suffering on a a steep ascents, curvy roads and blind bends. All in all, you rent a moto or scooter to enjoy and not to suffer or have a technical problems.

Fourth and the last - up to regulations of Spain, Canary Islands and Tenerife particularly you are still allowed to drive 125 cc scooter or motorcycle with your regular car driving license! The only condition - you must have your driving license at least last 3 years. So, in other words, you must have at least 3 years experience in driving.

With Motorbike Tenerife Rental you can rent a various 125 cc scooters and motorcycles:

  • Honda PCX 125 (the most popular moto Tenerife 125 cc)
  • Honda SH Mode 125 (the easiest accessible scooter 125 Tenerife has to offer, the best for older people and ladies)
  • Piaggio Liberty 125 ABS (a scooter if you prefer Italian design)
  • SYM Symphony 125 SR (also quite popular moto 125, Tenerife has plenty of them)
  • Kymco Like 125 (simple enjoyable 125 cc scooter)
  • Suzuki Burgman 125 (the one if you are looking to rent a big size 125 cc scooter)
  • Kymco Super Dink 125
  • SYM Jet 125
  • Yamaha YZF R125
  • Macbor Montana XR1 125
  • Macbor Rockster 125
  • Macbor ZS II 125
  • Fantic Caballero Flat Track 125
  • and more coming soon…

So, now is the time to choose and book your 125cc scooter in Tenerife. Do it at least a few weeks before you go to the holiday to have guaranteed availability of the exact model!

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We, as Motorbike Tenerife Rental, offering perfect conditions to rent a 125 cc motorbike in Tenerife, with many extras for free like helmets, as well helmet for the passenger, guiding assistance because we know the island very well. But what’s even more important is that renting our 125 motos Tenerife is all for you, with unlimited mileage and basic insurance included.

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