Honda moto in Tenerife

No doubt, Honda motorbikes are motorcycles of probably the best and the most reliable brand, and obviously, you can hire a Honda moto in Tenerife with us. Even more, while expanding or replacing our fleet, we order alway around half of motorbikes from Honda. These machines are rock solid, modern and no trouble.

In Tenerife the base of our fleet are 2 the most popular Honda models:

  • Honda PCX 125 - the most popular Honda moto in Tenerife.
  • Honda SH Mode 125 - offers a perfect comfort.

These 2 models of Honda scooters are the most popular not without a reason, so let’s take a closer look to both of them to understand why people like them so much.

Honda PCX 125 is a 125 cubic centimetres city scooter with automatic CVT transmission, extremely easy to operate. It has keyless engine start and stop thank to it’s intelligent key which can keep in your pocket or a backpack. The only one condition, you must be closer than 2 meters to your scooter to unlock it. Moreover, it is very comfortable, and Japanese engineers thought well about every single detail to make the PCX comfy and very practical bike. The profile of the seat is optimally narrow in front and wider in the middle part what allows you not just easily sit on and off your Honda PCX, but also lets you to keep balance on stops effortlessly allowing you to touch ground with feet without moving all the body. Underneath the seat of PCX you can store your helmet and some more things without a need to bring it always with you if you park the scooter. Agil motor of this Honda moto lets you climb smoothly on the steepy roads of Tenerife.

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The main difference between Honda PCX and Honda SH Mode is the shape of the body. Even PCX is a stronger Honda scooter, but SH Mode is perfectly suited to the city driving because you have have empty space between the front and the seat, with a hook where you can hand your shopping bag or backpack. SH Mode is super easy to get in and off what’s make it a perfect choice for people who prefer the comfort over all.

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At the same time, Honda PCX is undoubtedly the best 125cc scooter for a local touring on the island. Honda technologies makes it safe no matter are you riding at day or night thanks to its LED lights and excellent fuel economy. Actually, if you are crossing the island on a Honda 125 cc scooter it will cost you even cheaper than using public bus, but you are fee to go where you want and at the time you want. This is called freedom.

Both of those our Honda motos you can rent online here and it’s another advantage - that’s enough to have just a car driving license and a minimal age of 21-22 years to rent and ride them in Tenerife, if you’re coming from any European country. For the rest of the world the International driving license will be required to rent any moped or motorcycle.

Beside of the most popular Honda scooters in Tenerife you can hire with us also a bigger Honda motorcycles, but you must possess A-category in your driving license. If you possess A-category, then you are free to rent the next Honda motorbikes in Tenerife:

  1. Honda NC750X - discover Tenerife in a sport style and with a comfort at the same time.
  2. Honda Shadow 750 - rent this one of the best cruisers among Honda motos in Tenerife, a beautiful cruiser!
  3. Honda Africa Twin 1000 - this motorcycle is a dream of any adventurer and does’t need any recommendations. If you can afford, this will be your sure choice in Tenerife.

If you are going to travel to Tenerife and interested to ride the island on a Honda motorcycle, the right places to stay will be the South of the island and if about the South, then locations like Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas will be the best option. It because you will have quite close to the main TFS airport and very close to the one of our garages to pickup and return your Honda moto. With us you can hire a Honda scooter or motorcycle in Tenerife staring from one day and even up to three months. If you rent for more than a month, you will have to come to the garage once a month to check out technical condition of the moto.

Our Honda mopeds and motorcycles to rent in Tenerife are rather brand new or in a very fresh conditions to let you really enjoy exploring the island or simply daily transportation without any troubles.

Think and book in advance to guarantee availability and hire your moto Honda in Tenerife before you go.

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